Last updated on July 28th, 2000

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Why another configuration tool? I've seen linuxconf and the dotfile generator, and quite honestly, the interfaces didn't particularly appeal to me. They were either strange in implementation, incomplete or boring.

Here is a configuration tool written primarily to be extremely easy to grasp and also to provide a really cool interface.

It is being written in Perl/Tk currently, although a possible port to Java and/or C/GTK may be in the works.


How's this for stats? In the first 24 hours of life, TkApache v1.0 has gotten 1,036 downloads, 1,400 distinct page views (this one) and countless others on the screamshots and documentation! People and/or entities interested in TkApache include Red Hat, Debian, the Perl Journal, the Linux Gazette and others...

Version 1.0 was released in time for ApacheCon 98 and presented to the folks there by Rich Roth, maintainer of the site.

Here it is, one year later since the last update around these parts... People wonder, "what's up?" :)

Work is beginning again on TkApache slowly, as I implement new ideas and clean up the code base of v1.0 as well as trying to modularize/automate the configuration file definition(s). Some ideas that I'm currently playing with include some of the following:

For a full rundown of features, future enhancements and current functionality, I invite you to read the TkApache manual.


I'm making available the current documentation online.


Everybody loves screamshots...


I'm looking for people that might be interested in contributing to this project that know Perl and/or Perl/Tk and Apache. If you're interested, drop me an Email.

I'd like to give special thanks to Lance Dillon for his work on the TkApache project, without whom TkApache wouldn't be where it is today, or have made the rapid progress it did.

Developers are...


TkApache v1.0a has been officially released unto the world...

Please be aware of the requirements before you download and/or Email me with a "bug report" - TkApache requires the following:

There. That all being said, you may now download and give it a go!

Download TkApache Program

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