Date Update, comment or whatever...
04.30.05 Started some cleanup and updating (again)!
03.11.03 Started cleanup, update and redesign of site!
03.18.99 Changed site news page layout
  Added the Typeface Trickery with X11 page
  Many general cleanups and updates (more ahead)
  Updated various TkApache pages, especially screamshots
12.03.98 Updated the Setting up IP-Masquerading document with new troubleshooting and untested ideas information.
11.08.98 Modified the layout and gave users the choice; FRAMES or NO FRAMES
10.22.98 Added the Linux Multimedia page!
10.18.98 Redesigned Everything Linux with frames, optimzed graphics & content, etc.
  Added many seperate pages overall like Overview & Introduction
10.16.98 Updated TkApache home page (background color and logo, re-ordered content)
  Added the TkApache User Forum
10.15.98 TkApache v1.0a (BETA) has been released today!
10.14.98 Updated TkApache documentation and screamshots
  Added this site news page!
10.13.98 Updated TkApache home page

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