Think Eye Candy.

Below are several screenshots that I add to every now and then when it suits me and/or I'm doing something on various desktops that looks kinda neat. I present them here for you to enjoy. By clicking on an image below, a window will popup that is an enlargement (660x532 pixels and about 160Kb each).
In the lower right corner you can see "Xnest" showing my Sun Solaris desktop running all manner of things, along with gFTP, gmc and GIMP v1.1.17. Desktop GUI is as below... Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2 Screenshot showing Enlightenment v0.16.3, the E-X themes for E/GTK and GIMP v1.1.17.
This is a snapshot of a busy screen while I'm working on iVote. March 19, 2000. Screenshot 3
Screenshot 4 The GIMP v1.1.32 w/FreeType rendering plugin, the Helix-Sweetpill-Citrus Sawfish theme with the Yell-O GTK+ theme. I decided to make a desktop that matches the solar yellow Xterra I just got (lower right image). Hehehe.

All images are (C) 1994-2005 by Michael Holve