These are retouched Snappy images and they were captured from a Sony 8mm Handycam (CCD-TR64). Some were "live" images from the camera, others from tape (sp mode). All images were adjusted in Adobe Photoshop v3.0.5 for color, composition and size (to make them web-friendly). This was basically a test and my first time with a Snappy, so I wanted to see what it could do, and needless to say, I'm quite impressed! With a Hi8 camcorder (or 3-chip CCD even) the results should be simply amazing! I've included links to pages on my site that relate to what you see - they are local pages I've done. So, without further ado, here's my "Snappy Gallery."

Just me, goofin' around
Yeah, I know - I need a shave!

This is my setup at home!
On the right: Snappy app & Photoshop

UGH. Microsoft...

My Linux web server/workstation here at work running Linux
Up on top of monitor is the QuickCam

My messy kitchen at home
I rent, okay? ;>

My Epson Stylus - See it's page
The printed image is in my gallery

All images are (C) 1994-2005 by Michael Holve