Last updated on October 18th 1998

The AfterStep Toolbar

If you've got bandwidth to burn, click image for full (1152x900=501K) size!

Here is a description of some elements that you see in the actual screengrab above, which you can see at it's original size at 1152x900 in 16-bit color by clicking on it. The window manager is AfterStep and the system has been heavily tweaked to go for the full NeXTstep look using neXtaw and TkStep. I have hacked most of my tcl/tk programs to use the TkStep interpreter (wishstep) and use the mail program postilion which is a NeXTified version of TkRat. The icons are from all over the Internet, but many are from the 3dpixmaps package. I'm still in the process of fully tweaking this toolbar and theme. Lastly, it's fueled by Accelerated-X from Xi Graphics Inc.

Things you don't see are all the other capabilities Linux has. It's hard to really show you a "screengrab" when there are so many cool things to show you. Above is only a small sampling of the really nice packages out there for Linux. There are emulators for practically every Commodore machine, Macintosh, DOS and Windows, Amiga and so much more. There are full office suites, programming environments, visual designers and graphic arts programs (like the GIMP seen above, but to show all of it would require another image the size of what you see already!) There's just so much, I can't list it all here. Perhaps on another page, some day. Of course, you could always Email me for an earful! ;>

All images are (C) 1994-2005 by Michael Holve