Last Updated on October 18th, 1998

AfterStep Coolness

What About It?

Below you'll see various toolbars that I've had over time using AfterStep. The particulars of the AfterStep toolbar make it incredibly configurable, as well as powerful. You can arrange your icons into folders (as seen in the Blue Theme screengrabs) which pop up when you select a particular icon. You can also "swallow" applications into the toolbar - there's a clock with calendar, CD player, mixer, PPP monitor and CPU load graphing applets running in the Blue Theme, for example.

The Blue Theme (my latest home toolbar)


Rock Toolbar Picture

New in this toolbar are the scanner, PalmPilot, xosview and wmppp icons. The scanner icon launches tkscan, the PalmPilot icon synchronizes my PalmPilot, wmppp replaces asmodem because it's cooler and a hacked xosview now shows the status of my dual CPUs (the two middle bars).

Rock Toolbar Picture

Gradiated Toolbar Picture

So What Is All That?

Well, it's really up to you - you can put whatever you want on your toolbar. As for me, and what some of the things you see in the above screengrabs do, I've created a little table below. This changes for me constantly as I love to hack around on the toolbar and it also depends on what I'm into at the time - whether I'm doing a lot of graphics or HTML publishing, etc. I've almost gotten it down to perfection in the Blue Theme above though. I still have some icons left to put in, like multiple remote terminals to some HP, Sun and other Linux boxes I frequently access, the PalmPilot and tape backup icons.

Program Description
nxterm An xterm-like terminal emulator, tweaked to my size and blue color scheme
asclock AfterStep clock, which fires up xcalendar when clicked
asmixer AfterStep mixer, where each slider is configurable to function
ascd AfterStep CD player. Touch choice over xmcd, which looks up titles/songs
asmodem AfterStep modem control, indicators work and toggles ppp connection on/off
efax Configure to put fax/modem into auto fax-receive mode
asmail AfterStep mail indicator, animation and sound when mail arrives, fires up tkrat when clicked
xsysinfo Shows CPU load average, CPU load current and memory statistics, and fires up tkps when clicked
pager Standard pager module, allowing virtual displays, or "multiple desktops" - one of the nicest features of X
netscape Self explanatory, really - it fires up netscape
nxterm Same as above, but automatically telnets to my machine at work
xcalc Usual xcalc program, but seriously tweaked to my liking, with a blue look to match my other apps
nedit One of the nicer editors available for X windows, it resembles Windows notepad in it's interface/keys
gimp The Photoshop work-alike
moxfm A very configurable file manager with actions, desktop icons and more. May replace with explorer or files
taper File backup and restore utility, based on curses (runs in an xterm) that backs up my system
wingz Very nice commercial spreadsheet, but free for Linux
xv The ubiquitous xv program to display, catalog and tweak images. It has a killer thumbnail catalog mode
gv A modified and enhanced ghostview that displays Postscript files
tkman An awesome program that allows you to grep and view man pages. Very complete and versatile

You can download the images below for your own use

Marble Tile Rock Tile Gradiated Tile Gradiated Tile Gradiated Tile

Slate Background

Slate Background

Slate CDE/Raindrop

All images are (C) 1994-2005 by Michael Holve